What people are saying

Staycations Pool Service has been great! We had our filter pump go out a few days before a big party. Blake and his team worked diligently on a Saturday to get us up and running on time. Also, their price was much less than I had anticipated. GREAT JOB!

Shep & Martha E., Irving Texas

When we bought our new house we assumed the previous owners had maintained the pool filter and that we wouldn’t need to have it cleaned for several months. But since the filter clean was free with Staycations we thought “can’t hurt”. WOW! You can’t imagine how much GUNK was in our filter! I am
SOO thankful I hadn’t allowed our children into the pool yet.

Rick & Liz D., Frisco Texas

Our pool looked awful most of the time with our previous service. One of my co-workers recommended we try Staycations Pool Service. Within 10 days our pool was clear again and the algae was completely gone! Blake has been very responsive and dependable.

Marcus & Deb M., McKinney Texas

 My pool looks the way I had always HOPED it would but didn’t with other services I’ve had. Once Staycations took over it’s been crystal clear. I can just tell by the way it looks that the chemicals are balanced and as they should be. By the way, I also appreciate how professional they are!

Sandeep P., Plano Texas